RSnapshot – migrate to other drive

Once you start using rsnapshot and you haven’t thought about increasing hard drive requirements, you didn’t setup LVM, you might want to migrate yours rsnasphot directory to bigger drive, preferably under LVM. You might see how to setup LVM here When it comes to migrate your current rsnapshot backup to other drive, you have two ...

Obtaining UUID of partition

To get UUID of the partition /dev/sdc3, run: blkid /dev/sdxx You might use it to create /etc/fstab entry for this drive, if you can expect that it might get different letters of drive (for example it is USB drive)

BadBlocks checking

Want to be sure new drive is fine (has no badblocks?) Run badblocks -wvs /dev/sdx (might take ~50 hours on 3TB HDD). It will write down specific patterns on HDD, verifying them (four different patterns for whole drive). It will wipe out your data on sdX

Using underscores in DNS hostname in Bind (named) 1

Underscores are not valid characters in hostnames. If you have configured your DHCP server to register hostnames in DDNS, following issue may occur: some windows hostnames may contain “_” in their names. If you do so, following error will be logged by bind: zone bad owner name (check-names) and in logs from isc ...

Kinect Slideshow

Kinect Slideshow
Instead of regular wireless presenter, you might use Kinect to impress your viewers. Application allows changing slides by waving your hand from right to left in Windows. Combined with Impress.Js usually impresses non-technical people. Application might be downloaded from: Requires hardware: Kinect for Windows  regular kinect with appropriate adapters: Requires following software: Kinect SDK Microsoft ...